A More Affordable Tezotopia Has Arrived.

Do battle without a Tezotop. Raise giant armies. Become a Warlord.


• Tezotops will NOT be required to go to battle against others

• Tezotops are vehicles for yield farming, producing unique units and increasing value of the NFT for resell or trade but will NOT be required to do battle in the game

• Battles are changing: you can bring 9 different land units to battle in a turn-based match. The player with the better “Wave” rating will get to strike first and make the first move.

• Prices will drastically go down for Units (3 to 100xtz) and be produced in large quantities; Wave 1 units will remain incredibly rare.

• All artifacts will be reduced in price by 50% going forward

• UNO liquidity will be 666 uno/33,333 xtz at listing to lower price of UNO to around 50xtz at launch

Yield Farming NFTs

It has been said from the beginning that Tezotopia is Yield Farming with a game built on top of it, but as we’ve grown and gotten more attention, the price of entry has been intimidating for those not interested in yield farming or making an investment as large as Tezotops usually are: We’ve found a solution and will begin to differentiate Landlords and Warlords—or you can embrace both roles!

Landlords are those individuals that wish to own a piece of Tezotopia, a block of land that produces Unobtanium (Listing August 18 on QuipuSwap)—the main incentive of this action is the production of a series of tokenized resources that can be profitable for land owners, but as well allow them to become makers of worlds and create their own Tezotops for a fee of 0.5 UNO and 50 Energy. Land Owners will also have the advantage of producing unique units with their barracks, artillery depots, and space hangars. Read all about the advantages of buildings here.

Make War, Not Love

Warlords are invited to Tezotopia! Owning a Tezotop will no longer be required to participate in battles and play the game. On September 14 we will hold our largest Marketplace sale, inviting everyone to participate in a MASSIVE sale of units at low prices!

Unit pricing will start at 3xtz and cap out at 100xtz based on stats and rarity.

Battles are changing: you can bring 9 different land units to battle in a turn-based skirmish. Player with the better “Wave” rating will get to strike first and make the first move. Once the first player has moved their troops into positon, the next player will move/strike and so on. A maximum of 20 air units and 20 artillery units will also be allowed during battle.

Battles will be turn-based, unit modifiers will still apply (attack/defense/accuracy/wave/xp/health points), with accuracy rating giving your unit the advantage of striking from a farther distance.

50% Artifacts Forever

The main goal of artifacts is to raise the value of your newly created Tezotops when the builder launches (Sept 30); artifacts serve as decorations and apply modifiers to your Tezotops. Lowering the prices of artifacts is another way we’re lowering fees for more players.

This action coupled with our UNO LP launching with 666 UNO/33,333 XTZ will bring the price of UNO to around 50 Tezos. Meaning 25 Tezos will be needed to secure your UNO to build a Tezotop in the future.

We will be adding liquidity to UNO LP throughout the lifetime of Tezotopia, as UNO will be partitioned from the creation of Tezotops (0.25 UNO gets burned; 0.25 goes into the gif.games treasury for LP or rewards for battle).

Artifacts will now be priced as follows:

1 UNO modifier = 25 xtz

1 of any other resource = 2.5 xtz

This was the same pricing we used at the marketplace launch.

These are all the ways we’re working on making it more affordable to lower the bar of entry into the world of Tezotopia. We’d love to hear your feedback on any other ways you’d like to see us lower the bar for entry into the game. Join our telegram or shoot us a message!

Become a Warlord, today, it’s your destiny.