Age of Unobtanium

Continent 8, so long mate!

At the point of this writing, we’ve surpassed 1000 user-minted blocks of land. Congratulations to the community, the team and everybody that’s actively involved in our communication channels helping shape the future of Tezotopia.

Recently, concerns about emission rates and gaming of the Ticket to Mint system have raised questions about UNO scarcity and providing an incentive to do battle. We’re sticking to the same schedule for Ticket to Mint releases (for now) based on how the community reacts to our Continent 8 update (Age of Scarcity).

Schedule below:

First Two Weeks – 144 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (48 winners every 8 hours)

Next Two Months – 72 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (24 winners every 8 hours)

Next Six Months - 36 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (12 winners every 8 hours)

Thereafter - 24 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (8 winners every 8 hours)

Continent 8 Update (Age of Scarcity)

After a community poll, an overwhelming amount of support backed the decision to turn off the Unobtanium base emission rate starting at Block 2527. UNO will no longer be produced at 0.0005/hr starting on Continent 8 and on. Everywhere before will still continue to produce Unobtanium at the base rate.

This Age of Scarcity is to slow down the emissions of Unobtanium, giving it a longer lifespan to reaching the maximum supply of 333,333, as well to encourage heading into battle to win Unobtanium modified artifacts and tickets to mint.

We want Warlords to have a clear pathway to Land Ownership. We are packaging lootboxes with a chance to win UNO/ENR, Tickets to Mint, and Unobtanium Artifacts that can either be used to mint land by the victorious warriors, or resold to those interested in creating a Tezotop Empire.

When Battles arrive, the real Play to Earn elements will begin to take shape; the current model of earning on Tezotopia is essentially Invest to Earn and Build to Earn, but once those battles activate, it’s our thinking that players will devote hours to earn more and have a better chance at creating a Tezotop Empire of their own through warfare.

Lotteries will continue to take place, but a major shift will occur where battling will become the more appropriate route to gaining land; and the current models of build to earn, strategic resource hoarding and diplomatic elements will come into play as the landscape of gameplay evolves.

Losing the base emission rate does not mean Unobtanium will not be mined in C8 lands and beyond—absolutely not—players can still build Unobtanium Reactors and collect UNO artifacts from rare drops on Raffletopia and through victories in battle.

Unobtanium will continue to gain use cases in the repairing of troops, the creation of buildings, and the speeding up of building assets. All UNO used through these actions will be burned. :-)

Welcome to the Age of Scarcity.