Kalamint Swap Goes Live August 9

Tezotopia Marketplace launches on 9 August 2021


All Tezotop purchases made on Kalamint will need to be swapped for functional NFTs on the Tezotopia Platform. Users have 90 days to claim their Kalamint Blocks to avoid losing their Tezotops.

Unclaimed Tezotops will go back into circulation. We will be relisting any blocks that did not get claimed. Swapping your Kalamint Tezotops will result in a burn of the original TZTOP Kalamint NFT. This is done to avoid counterfeits on the secondary market on Kalamint.

Marketplace Launches on August 9

We have delayed the launch a couple days to tweak anything that could go wrong on upon the Granada release. We will be finishing up any design snags and functionality changes our beta testers found.

Expect the marketplace to be full of life: 30 Tezotops will be available, 150 battle units, and 50 artifacts are target amounts for the August 9 opening.

Artifacts will be listed at 50% discount price from their intended pricing.

Per UNO = 25xtz
Per MIN, ENR, MCH = 2.5xtz
For example: If an artifact offers 3x UNO, it will be 75xtz as opposed to 150xtz.

We will announce a specific time for the marketplace opening on our Twitter account and Telegram channel.

Battle units bought at this event will qualify for an UNO airdrop on August 25.

3 UNO per Battle Unit bought at this event—only those purchased by Gif.games, not secondary will qualify.