+ Gif.Games Partnership

Taking an Ethereum Project and Giving It Tezos NFTs <3

Gasp! Gif.Games partnered with an Ethereum project! Oh my.

Why?! is a decentralized no-limit betting platform being built on Ethereum (as of right now ;-) ) But there is potential in this partnership to either create a bridge on their platform where both Tezos and Ethereum can be used, or a total migration to Tezos is possible. We’re early in exploring this potential, because they are seeing roadblocks with gas fees, and network speeds.

It wasn’t until USDC (the token Chipz platform is utilizing for bets) announced their availability on Tezos that the conversation started to shift to the possibility of doing the whole thing on Tezos.

As of right now, the CHPZ token itself is on Ethereum, and they are still going through a presale—which you can still join!

What’s the Partnership?

Joab, Creative Director of Gif.Games, is on the Chipz staff as “CTO”—a bit of a mislabel, essentially he’s product designing, part-time project managing their endeavor.

The biggest involvement Gif.Games is having with Chipz is actually their desire to create a Racing Game similar to Zed.Run but with Formula1 and Supercars racing around a circuit! AND THEY WANT TO BUILD IT ON TEZOS! NFTs Launch August 20

Gif.Games is helping with the deployment and initial sell of the Chipz Drive NFTs—and they’ll be sold exclusively on our Gif.Games Kalamint Profile!

The NFTs will go on sale August 20. Chipz Drive has three different tiers setup for their vehicles: F1 Racers (Tier 1); Supercars (Tier 2); Street Racers (Tier 3); all 3 tiers will go on sale on August 20, and only 30 vehicles will be minted for the Genesis Generation of vehicles.

My hope out of this partnership is that the Decentralized No-Limits Betting Platform of Chipz migrates over to Tezos. That’s the endgoal here, and would help establish them in the community and help them get development work when needed. As of now, the best way to get your hands on Chipz is going to be through Chipz Drive NFTs or jump in on their presale.

They have a fun list of advisors (Orland Jones, Jacob Busch—to name a couple) and individuals on their team that can help take Tezos adoption to another level. I’m excited for the partnership, the potential for growth in the esports industry and what this new alliance can do for and Tezos as a whole.

Mark your calendars for August 20 if you want to get your hands on a unique racer!