Progress Report • September 23, 2021

As we continue to expand as a community, garnering popularity and attention from a larger audience, our ever-valuable assets continue to rise in price and run closer to the risk of being “gamed” by individuals more interested in flipping a profit than actually preparing to play the game.

Because the game is not finalized, the speculative market of these items has become competitive, frustrating, and difficult for individuals that buy. We witnessed this at our The Big One event which left users frustrated by the current system in place. Our Tezotops flew off the primary market within seconds and about 12 of the 40 landed in the wallet of one individual who used multiple accounts and scripts to purchase. It was a frenzy of disappointment for those users that wanted to fairly buy a block.

Although in terms of revenue, the sale was a major success, the experience for users buying on the marketplace was less than optimal.

We’ve heard community feedback, we’ve explored different manner of systems already in place and we’re taking the best parts of those other marketplaces to create a system that works for us at a scalable rate. We anticipate our upwards trajectory only to continue and we don’t want a short-term solution for a long-term problem.

The details on the new system of purchasing during major sales will be announced at a later time and the sale of the final 48 Tezotops will be used to test the mechanism.

Growing pains are real, and it is our job as a business to not ignore those eeks and aches, but to figure out solutions for them to make our user’s experience a better one.

With that being said…

We are going to be pushing some target dates in order to ensure game elements such as Tezotop Builder and Manager work properly right out of the box.

Here is an updated roadmap for Tezotopia:

September 25 - Airdropping free units to Users that signed up during The Big One

October 10 - Raffletopia Smart Contract finalized

October 20 - GIF token staking for Marketplace Discounts, Early Access & Revenue Share go live

October 30 - Tezotop Builder: build your custom Tezotops using artifacts

November 17 - Tezotop Manager, where players can manage by creating buildings

December 20 - Battles enabled

Our partnership with Quicksave Interactive is rolling out at the moment, and we are excited to begin work on the battle engine; the process of creating a strategic and fun turn-based experience on the blockchain is the current challenge, but we’re resolved to go beyond expectations and turn out a wonderful experience.

Marketing & CEX

We’ve hired 1minus1, a marketing agency that specializes in the gaming sector to push our brand forward into various avenues and help make and Tezotopia a household name. They’ll be working on optimizing our game guides, homepage, and producing videos to easily explain to newcomers how Tezotops works and what battles will be like. They’re an awesome bunch and in our Telegram room, so say hello to them when you get a chance.

As for Centralized Exchanges, our talks with Bitmart and LAToken were put on hold for now, as we weren’t 100% satisfied with the negotiations, and overall experience. Our advisor Justin Lally has put us in contact with a top-tier exchange, and we are beginning talks of listing $GIF token there. We’ll have more updates on that in the future.