Tezotop Builder Summarized

Build Your Tezotops Starting On October 30

We are on track for October 30, 2021 for the Tezotop Builder to go live. This blog post is reveal the workflow and emission rate of the Tezotops. After Block 299 individuals will be responsible for the creation of the Tezotopia universe. We are currently at Block 252; the final 47 Tezotops will be listed on October 15 and we will be using our Raffletopia Smart Contract to sell these blocks of land (more details on the Smart Contract will be revealed next week.)

How the builder works

You will need the required resources (0.5 UNO & 50 ENR and a minimum of 2 Artifacts) to design your Tezotop. You will be required to design your block ahead of scheduling it to mint onto the map. On the Tezotop Builder you can drag and drop your desired artifacts onto the land, resize, move objects back to front and vice versa; you will also be allowed to buy Stock Artifacts that are simply there for decoration, these artifacts will cost 1xtz each and will count toward your 2 artifact minimum.

Once you finish your design, your resources will be locked away and your design will be locked in and ready to be added to the Land Mint Lottery.

How the Land Mint Lottery works

You’ve finalize your design, you’re happy with how your block looks, but it still isn’t on the map. To provide ample opportunity for as many number of participants we will be scheduling land minting through a lottery system. Every 8 hours you can enter your block into the lottery for a chance to mint your Tezotop onto the map. When the lottery system first launches, emission rates will be high and then gradually slow down as time progresses, below is the rate of emission for minting blocks of land:

First Two Weeks – 144 Blocks of land minted per day (48 winners every 8 hours)

Next Two Months – 72 Blocks of land minted per day (24 winners every 8 hours)

Next Six Months - 36 Blocks of land minted per day (12 winners every 8 hours)

Thereafter - 24 Blocks of land minted per day (8 winners every 8 hours)

Gradually owning a block of land will become a more valuable experience.

If you don’t manage to win a spot in the lottery; you will be able to reclaim your resources or you can re-enter your Tezotop into the next lottery round. We will have a cap for lottery entries, once the cap is reached (i.e. 500/500 entries filled) a button will appear that anybody can click to call the smart contract that randomly picks the lottery winners.

If your entry is selected, you will be allowed to schedule your Tezotop to be minted onto the map at any time that is convenient to you, it will be added to your wallet where it will begin to produce resources immediately.

These measures were put in line to avoid the rapid production of Tezotops, depleting the planet of Unobtanium—for every Tezotop that is minted 0.25 UNO is burned. The locking and burning of UNO will have a deflationary effect on the resource, making Unobtanium producers much than land owners, they be world makers, they will be space gods.