Tezotopia x gif.games Progress Report (Sept 4, 2021)

Blockchain Game Alliance, IDO, CEX listing, Battles!

Woo! August was an exciting month for us!

Where shall I begin? We launched our marketplace! We sold out our marketplace in 20 minutes! We announced a cheaper price of entry for players to choose to be Landlords or Warlords OR BOTH! We announced our next game title: Matterlight. Our IDO sold out in 8 hours and we raised more than half a million US dollars. We launched UNO and GIF tokens on QuipuSwap, and both are now whitelisted! We joined the Blockchain Game Alliance as a Silver Member and presented at their demo day…Our Lead Developer Anshit Bhardwaj got promoted to CEO!

Jeeze, what else? We announced our advisory board that’s going to help get us to the next level. All of UNO initial circulating has already been distributed and airdropped…I think that’s it? Anyway, now to the future:

Okay. That’s what happened, here’s what’s coming…

On the marketing front, we’ve decided a few things:

• We’re going to list GIF on Bitmart in about a month. (Haven’t signed the agreement just yet, it’s in our legal’s hands right now, but I think it’ll be a greenlight.) We believe this move will not only serve one avenue of the marketing we need, but it’ll also open up the CEX to FA2 Standard and get the ball rolling for other Tezos tokens. We know others are exploring CEX too, mainly to get listed on CMC and Coingecko, which also brings another wave of marketing in and of itself for the Tezos Ecosystem as a whole.

• Some of the money we were going to put into gaming-centric marketing will now be going to our listing and ensuring it’s a success. That being said, I have finally come to an agreement with 1-minus-1 (marketing firm we’re hiring) to produce How-To videos, a game trailer, and do some marketing for our listing and the game itself.

Quicksave Interactive met with us to discuss the potential partnership of building out our battle engine, meeting went very well, a lot of same wavelengths in thinking and creativity and process around it. Very positive we will hit our target date of mid-December for battles. Lots more to update here in the upcoming weeks.

• We’ve updated Tezotopia homepage with the latest information about the game, including game guides, with the prices for buildings and resources needed.

• September 10 is our activation date for our Yield Farming NFTs! Your Tezotops will backlog airdrop you resources and they will begin to produce resources going forward!

• There are still a handful of unclaimed Tezotops sitting on Kalamint. Those individuals have until November 10 to claim their Tezotops before they go back on the open market. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN PLEASE!

That’s it! Still looking at October 10 for our Tezotop Builder to go live and have everyone producing their own blocks of land! We’re just getting started! Much more coming! Our team is growing and working hard to make sure we hit our targets.

Love our community all the support thus far. You guys rock!