The Significance of Waves

The calming sound of waves is like the footsteps of an army marching

I’m sure you keep seeing Wave 1, Wave 2, and even Wave 3 on the Unit marketplace, what’s it all mean? And why should you care?

The significance of the Wave stat is that when you enter the battlefield you’ll be given the opportunity to strike first based on your cumulative wave count, the lower wave count will go first.

Wave also equates to speed, a lower wave count also leads to higher rate of movement. Wave 1 units will have a higher mobility, allowing them to move farther distances than Wave 2 or Wave 3, and so on…

All Wave 1 units have been introduced by and the final Wave 1 units will be released October 18.

Four new units, 25 editions each (100 total) will be released.

These will be the last Wave 1 units to ever exist.

From then on, when the Tezotop Manager launches on November 17 players will be able to produce Wave 2 units for 90 days.

After 90 days, units produced in the Barracks/Space Hangar/Artillery Depot will be Wave 3 for the next 180 days.

Followed by Wave 4 units for the next 270 days; the final wave will be Wave 5 which last for the entirety of Tezotopia from that point onward.

That being said, only units with the moniker “Tz” will be units that are produced in the Barracks/Space Hangar/Artillery Depot, but they will all start as Wave 2.

First move advantage might be all the difference in battle.