Tickets to Mint Your Tezotop

Option A is the letter of the day.

The Tezotop Builder will be usable with or without a Ticket To Mint, we will allow users to play with the builder, make a design before they acquire a ticket. Once users have a Ticket To Mint they will be allowed to take their designs and turn them into reality on the Map Explorer and in their wallets.

The Vote

After a community vote that took place on our Telegram chatroom, the winning result was Option A, which presented as such:

“Work the same as raffles. We put up tickets to mint in the Tezotop tab, you pay in .50 Uno + 50 ENR to enter the raffle.

If you win the ticket you can claim it and unlock the Tezotop builder. Burns the ticket.

So it’d be no different than entering a raffle to win a block of land that’s already minted. It gives more incentive to buy more uno to increase your chances to win. You can enter multiple times for chances to win multiple tickets.

You can enter multiple times and win multiple times. If you lose your resources will be returned to you. You will also be allowed to resell your ticket if you win.”

This sparked an active discussion in the chatroom that lead to us improving on the initial concept of Option A. Since then, we have added the 9-day lock of resources, the non-transferrable nature of the Ticket (can’t be sold or traded OTC), the ability to play with the Tezotop Builder without having a ticket, and the time-limiter to allow smaller holders of UNO a higher chance to win raffles.

We do believe this is the best way forward, it was never an easy decision to balance emission rates & the access to minting. Within the first 2 months there will be 6000+ Tezotops minted, we believe that at the current state of our community that is an ample amount of slots for everybody to have their little slice of the map passively earning Unobtanium.

We also believe Option A keeps the activity of our ecosystem token, Unobtanium, high, giving users incentive to hold onto their UNO. The burning of UNO was always planned and will continue to happen. Within the first two months 1200+ UNO will be burned.

Earning UNO and ENR in battles will give players extra incentive to be warlords, conquering land in their own right.

Tickets To Mint will be listed in a new category on the Marketplace, and will raffled individually. The raffle schedule will remain as first proposed:

First Two Weeks – 144 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (48 winners every 8 hours)

Next Two Months – 72 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (24 winners every 8 hours)

Next Six Months - 36 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (12 winners every 8 hours)

Thereafter - 24 Tickets to Mint raffled per day (8 winners every 8 hours)

We’ve listened to the community, and we’re incredibly grateful for the last few days’ discourse on what’s the best way forward.

We thank you for patiently standing by us as we create something out of nothing. Our hope is that that everybody that has invested or will invest is rewarded in the long run, not only will you be passively earning UNO but you’ll be helping create a new economy on the blockchain.