Approaching the launch of battles, info on resource staking, and Matterlight
Entrepreneur Gavin Maloof Joins Tezotopia To Build Virtual Vegas
Option A is the letter of the day.
3 max WL / 8 max per wallet (24 hour WL drop) • 12tz
As our user base grows and demand for Tezotopia NFTs rise; we are going to do the most immediate thing to remedy some of the things we’ve been plagued…
We invite the Tezos community to partake in the open beta of Tezotopia Battles!
Diplomats • Battles • Bonkees
New UI. Battle Countdown. New Units!
Do battle without a Tezotop. Raise giant armies. Become a Warlord.
Next week we’ll be launching our $GIF staking revenue share tier. The discount (25,000 token lock) and governance (5,000 token lock) tiers will be live…
by Sun Tzu
Land Grab, Post-100, Marketplace, and Target Dates